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Maragheh University of Medical Sciences, relying on capabilities and contributions of human resources and also the use of other internal resources and peripheral opportunities, is committed to play an effective role in community health, education and research in Maragheh County, and plans to be an outstanding university in southern East Azerbaijan province. MRGUMS was founded in 1990 by training nursing students as an affiliate of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences until 2012. Afterward, it was granted independence due to the significant role of MRGUMS in the region. Therefore, it is among the oldest universities of Iran
MRGUMS is now one of the important universities in North West of Iran with 3 hospitals in operation. The university is basically government funded and its fundamental cornerstones include the board of Trustees, chancellor, and the university council. Furthermore, vice-chancellors/managers in education, research & technology, Health, treatment, food & drug, administration and resource development, cultural & student's affairs, and international affairs are the main wings of the university in fulfilling its tasks
The university also benefits from the full time and invaluable corporation of academic staffs including associate professors, assistant professors, and lecturers
Medicinal plants research center affiliated to MRGUMS is recognized as the first research center at this university that was founded at 2018. Given the potential of the Sahand Mountains, this region is considered as a natural museum of medical plants with various and unique species of genetic resources in Iran as a backbone the research works of this center